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This course is intended for all individuals who have a duty to respond to a first aid or cardiac emergencies including: security, airline personnel, camp counselors, police, firefighters, teachers, day-care workers and physical-fitness trainers.  This course can also be beneficial to any other individuals who want or need first-aid training.  It is also appropriate for lay rescuers who may have a need to respond to an emergency in the workplace, and family members of patients at high risk for sudden cardiac death.

This course teaches:
1. First aid basics
2. Medical emergencies
3. Adult/child/infant CPR with mask
4. Adult/child/infant choking
5. Adult/child/infant AED use
(First aid classroom only available for groups of 6 or more.)

Original class:

           $125 per person.  Cost included book and pocket mask

Recertification course:

           $65 per person

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